Schleich Delicate lily elf, riding a pony
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Delicate lily elf, riding a pony
Delicate as a lily, this elf spends her days preferably on the back of her pony. For hours on end, she rides across the flowering meadows of her home together with her friends.

The delicate lily elf loves sweet honey cake best of all.
The gentle elves like to set off early in the morning to ride towards the sunrise. The meadows are then still moist with dew and a delicate veil of mist often rests on all the greenery. Sometimes they accompany their friends, then they ride races and trot leisurely along the stream. If they find a beautiful spot, they dismount, look after their pony and then sit on a stone or tree and daydream all afternoon until they finally ride home.
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Model #:  70501

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