Schleich Killer Whale
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The largest in the dolphin family, killer whales boldly wear black and white.
Adaptable and social, killer whales can be spotted in almost any ocean, swimming with others. What they eat depends on what ocean they're in. Many killer whales enjoy seals, walruses, sea lions, and even other whales. The family groups that these whales set up are among the most stable of any animals. At birth, calves emerge tinted yellow or orange, but with age, their skin turns white. As an adult, killer whales' body length measures twenty feet or so, and they weigh about four tons. Males and females can be distinguished from each other by the size and shape of their dorsal fin. Over five feet tall, the male's dorsal fin is triangular while at half the size, the female's dorsal fin is curved. Both male and female killer whales can live fifty years or more.
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