Tosy SINGLE DISCO ROBOT (blue/pink/purple/red)
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As a combination of hi-tech and entertainment, the talking DiscoRobo can feel 
and dance to many beats of life, from your music to your beat-box, 
your hand claps and even your footsteps. Users can also engage with this fascinating toy via an app which allows them to chat with DiscoRobo or customize its dancing steps.
The DiscoRobo band, available in 4 vibrant colors, is guaranteed to keep everyone happy while dancing together! Click on each color to know the robot better.

  • With the DiscoRobo Chat app, users can chat with DiscoRobo or even choreograph its dancing steps!
  • Let DiscoRobo be the center of your party with its incredible dancing ability, cool personality and unrivalled cuteness! Head-spinner accessory included.
  • Pair two DiscoRobo together and let them surprise you with the way they dance and talk to each other!
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Model #:  TDV101

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